In 2000, the U33 profile was restructured in 2001 the U55 was launched and in 2006, with a renewed commercial strategy and the purpose to increase the exportation volume, SUC goes to an International Fair of the sector (International Hardware Fair in Cologne, German) assuring the presence of the company in the external markets.
In 1971 a new production unit was built, and during that decade the diversification of products went on: Profiles L25/L35/U33, Mini-Containers, Tool Boxes and Minitubs.
SUC has always aimed at the development of new products, as it is proved by the maintenance of 3 records in the National Institute of Industrial Propriety. In 2007 a new dynamic is introduced in the Conception and Development area, through the development of innovatory applications for some of our existing products. Nowadays the bet on new products is laid on "renewal" or "restructuring", synonyms of the word "innovation".
José A. S. Sucena, SA (SUC) was a very small company that began its activity in 1950 producing articles for bicycles and supplying the bicycle manufacturers that at the time characterized the area of Águeda, Portugal. Thanks to the growing evolution of its results, SUC expanded its activity and in the Sixties the production range increased with the Metallo Plastic Cabinets, the Stock Boxes, the warning triangles and seat belts for cars.


In the Eighties the production process was all restructured leading the company into a renewal of the machines park and the creation of new moulds and technically developed tools. It is also in that decade that the production unit was enlarged (1982), with 5,800 m2 of covered area and 20,000 m2 of uncovered area. New products continued to be launched: Profile L50, Home-Shelf and in 1995 the Exhibitor Panels. During the Nineties investments in machines and tools were carried on, showing the great dynamism that has always characterised the company. The attribution of the Management Prize during consecutive years is an example of the high standard of its management model.